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  • Specify 360° rotation time from 20 seconds to 10 hours in 1 second increments.
  • Create panning time-lapse videos and panoselfies (panoramic photos with you in them as well as the landscape)
  • TurnsPro uses 4 x standard AA batteries (not included, gives approx. 10hrs battery time) easy to replace and carry spares.
  • Maximum camera weight in upright position 1kg. Maximum camera weight with TurnsPro on its side 0.25kg.
  • Rotate clockwise or anticlockwise and pan pack and forwards over a set angle from 15 to 360 degrees in 15 degree increments.

Product Safety

This product is subject to specific safety warnings
  • Warning: Not suitable for children under 5 years. For use under adult supervision

Product description

Product Description

TurnsPro Time Lapse Camera Mount - Panning 360° Time-Lapse Device

TurnsPro is a motorized rotating camera mount for smartphones, GoPro, action cameras, compact cameras and DLSRs (under 1 kg) - the ideal gift for gadget, photography and GoPro enthusiasts.

Use TurnsPro to create unique panning time-lapse videos, panoselfies and smooth panoramic photos. Select rotation speed (from 20 seconds to 10 hours), direction (clockwise, anticlockwise or panning back and forward) and angle (from 15 to 360 degrees).

No other panning timelapse mount has all of these features for the price.

Key features

  • Rotation speed - Specify 360° rotation time from 20 seconds to 10 hours in 1 second increments.

  • Rotation direction - Rotate clockwise or anticlockwise or pan back and forwards over a set angle from 15 to 360 degrees in 15 degree increments.

  • Batteries - 4 x standard AA batteries, easy to replace and carry spares. Not included, gives approximately 10 hours battery time.

  • Screen - 50 x 20mm Back-lit LCD display for night use.

  • Tripod Thread - 1/4" - 20 UNC female thread on the base and 1/4" -20 UNC thread on the top.

  • Maximum camera weight - up to 1kg in upright position or 0.25kg with the TurnsPro on its side.

  • Weight - 241g excluding batteries. Light and easy to carry, easily fits in a coat pocket or camera bag.

  • Size - Approximately 80 x 80 x 80mm

  • Manufacturer - Designed and made in the Devon in the UK by TurnsPro.

  • Package contents - 1 x TurnsPro Time Lapse Camera Mount, 1 x TurnsPro Smartphone Clip and 1 x Instructions Box.

  • Extras not included in this listing - 4 x AA batteries, Ball Head Mount and GoPro Trippod Adapter Mount.

  • Compatible cameras - Use with a GoPro (GoPro Tripod Adapter Mount required), Action Cameras, small DSLRs (under 1kg), compact cameras and smartphones.

  • Create panning time-lapse videos using video or photos.

  • Take panoselfies - panoramic photos with you in them as well as the landscape.

  • Manufacturer's Description

    £27,577 raised with 484 backers.

    Customize rotation speed, direction and angle

    Many people start out creating panning time-lapse videos using a standard egg timer. This is a great start, but you are limited to one direction and one speed. Typically it is clockwise and 360 degrees in an hour. TurnsPro allows you to have much greater customization to these shots, allowing you to find the optimum speed, direction and angle for the shot you need.

    Create unique panoramic selfies

    Create unique panoramic shots using TurnsPro and panoramic mode on your camera. The world has gone selfie mad, people are taking selfie poles everywhere and snapping constantly. But selfies only get you in the photo, not your surroundings. TurnsPro can be used to create unique 'panoselfies', taking a panoramic photo that includes you, your friends, family and the scenery. Simply set TurnsPro to complete one rotation in 20 seconds (the maximum rotation speed) and set your phone or camera to panoramic mode. Start the TurnsPro rotating and start the panoramic capture on your camera equipment to take a smooth panoramic selfie.

    Time-lapse with Smartphone

    TurnsPro comes with a smartphone clip to mount your smartphone. Compatible with most smartphones. Use a time-lapse app or the time-lapse function on an iPhone to create panning time-lapse videos with TurnsPro. Use panoramic mode with TurnsPro on a 20 second rotation to take a #Panoselfie with you included in the panoramic shot. (iPhone not included)

    Time-lapse with GoPro or Action Camera

    TurnsPro is perfect for adding a new dynamic to your GoPro videos and time-lapses. Mount your GoPro to the TurnsPro using a standard GoPro Tripod Adapter (not included in this listing, available on the TurnsPro website or search on ). (GoPro not included)

    Time-lapse with DSLR and compact cameras

    Create amazing night panning time-lapse videos and high quality panning videos using your DSLR or compact camera with TurnsPro. TurnsPro has a maximum weight capacity of 1kg, suitable for most small DSLR cameras with a small lens. (Camera not included)

    Intuitive setup

    TurnsPro has a back-lit LCD screen, perfect for setting up for night time-lapse photography. Intuitive, easy to use buttons allow you to select number of turns, rotation angle in 15 degree increments, and the rotation time. Rotate 360 degrees in as slow as 10 hours or as fast as 20 seconds.

    About the Startup

    Describe your product in 3 words.

    Rotating time-lapse mount

    How did you come up with the idea for this product?

    We were using egg timers to create panning movement in our time-lapse sequences and thought there must be a better way. There wasn't an affordable customizable time-lapse mount on the market, so the idea for TurnsPro was born.

    What makes your product special?

    TurnsPro is fully customizable unlike other rotating camera mounts. It's affordable and packed full of features.

    What has been the best part of your startup experience?

    Seeing other people use Turnspro all around the world to create better videos and memories. That is why we really do what we do.

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